FHIR Interfaces - Getting Started

This site describes the EMHA API cloud service and provides information to third party developers who are developing patient-facing apps for accessing patient Protected Health Information (PHI). Third party developers must open a developer account and register their application to integrate with the EMHA API and access a practices patient PHI or individual patient PHI.

Developer account

3rd party application developers must create a Developer Account to access the EMHA API. Go to developer.enablemyhealth.com to create the account. Creating the account requires: Name, Address, Telephone, and Company with two factor authentication. Applications must be registered to use the API. Provider Groups or patient’s must select the production ready application for that application to access patient PHI. Under Administration, providers can select the application(s) that can access patient data. Under Account, patients can turn off access to their data by any application.


EMHA API is a FHIR REST Based API based on HL7 specifications in both XML and JSON format. The official FHIR HL7 Standards Can Be Found Here

The follow are a list of our available functions.


Retrieve, Add and Update Patient Demographic information. The search interaction enables the client to query for patients based on a specified set of demographics information. The Patient Search endpoint allows clients to establish an identifier for a patient without previously receiving unique identification from the server for the patient.


Retrieve data about an organization or provider. The Practitioner resource supplements many of the resources within FHIR by providing information about a primary care provider, prescriber, or the clinician ordering a lab or diagnostic test for a patient.


This will allow you to retrieve both the prescriptions and current medication list for a patient.


This will allow you to retrieve known allergies for a patient.


The Condition function is retrieves a patient’s problems, diagnoses, or other health concerns during the encounter or visit.


This will allow you to retrieve vitals Lab Result values, and Social History (smoking status) for a patient.

Diagnostic Report

Retrieves radiology diagnostic reports.

Immunization Records

This will allow you to retrieve Immunization records for a patient.


This will allow you to retrieve procedures, lab and diagnostic orders for a patient.

Implanted Devices

This will allow you to retrieve a list of implanted devices installed in patient.

CDA Document Retrieval

This will allow you to retrieve a CDA clinical summary document (CCDA 2.1) for a patient.

Care Plan

Retrieve a patient’s longitudinal Care Plan health concerns and goals, care team, and plan of treatment with assessments.